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Linen-Cotton Breathable Thin Grey Summer Socks (Men)

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Men's Lightweight Breathable Socks


When we think about summer clothing and all the natural fabrics it could be made of, linen is probably the first that comes to mind. It is not really surprising, considering that this fibre is extremely breathable, easily absorbs moisture and dries quickly. It will also provide a refreshing feeling of coolness on the skin even on those hot days. However, linen lacks natural elasticity and therefore blending it with good quality cotton creates a comfortable material that is lightweight and pleasantly soft to the touch.
If you are looking for lightweight summer socks, these might just be the ones to bring you the most satisfaction. Our linen blend socks also have specially designed ventilation zones on their upper parts. This allows for extra air circulation improving the socks' breathability even more. In solid grey, they will combine perfectly with your light-coloured casual outfit.

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Thin and lightweight; Relaxed fit; Comfortably worn in warm temperatures
Linen-cotton blend; Soft, strong, breathable, hypoallergenic; Easily absorbs moisture and dries quickly
Ventilation zone; Increases airflow, optimising skin breathability; Provides a feeling of freshness all day long
Flat toe closure; Prevents skin irritation; Ensures maximum comfort in the toe area
Soft cuff; Comfortable grip with just the right amount of pressure; Socks do not fall down
Deep heel-pocket; Creates enough space for the heel; Provides enhanced fit as well as overall comfort
Reinforced stress areas; Offers better resistance to tearing; Increases overall durability
Three size ranges; Perfect fit each time; Heel and toes stay seated where expected
Made in Europe; High-end fibres; Well-thought-out design; Rigorous quality control