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Silver Fibre Cotton Antibacterial Anti Odour Socks (Men)

✓ 5% pure silver fibre
✓ Antibacterial and anti-odour
✓ Ventilation zone
✓ Flat toe seam
✓ Soft cuff
✓ Deep heel-pocket
✓ Reinforced stress areas
✓ Breathable combed cotton

These antibacterial socks with silver fibre are designed to provide a healthier environment for the feet, especially for men whose skin is more sensitive and easily irritated. They are good for warm weather and sweaty feet.

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Silver's antibacterial properties are well-known and applied broadly in medicine. It is only recently that this expensive metal has been used in skin-contact clothes for that same purpose – to kill bacteria. This has been achieved by carefully blending an ultra-thin, pure silver thread with other natural fibres during production.
These silver socks for men were designed to create a healthier environment for your feet, especially for those whose skin is more sensitive and is easily irritated. The upper part is made of a thin, micro-mesh fabric to allow for extra air circulation. This improves breathability and provides a pleasant freshness on your skin. And since it is the bacteria that turns sweat on your skin into smelly acids, the silver in your socks will also help to diminish unpleasant odours.
These men's silver socks are available in black colour.

Created for various foot-care needs; Antibacterial; Good for the sensitive skin and sweaty feet; Ideal for a daily use, including in warm weather
Silver fibre; Toxic to bacteria – kills them and prevents their growth; Creates a healthier environment for your feet
Combed cotton; Very soft, breathable, moisture-absorbent
Ventilation zone; Increases airflow, optimising skin breathability; Provides a feeling of freshness all day long
Soft cuff; Comfortable grip with just the right amount of pressure; Socks stay up easily
Flat toe seam; Prevents skin irritation; Ensures maximum comfort in the toe area
Deep heel-pocket; Creates enough room for the heel; Provides enhanced fit as well as overall comfort
Reinforced stress areas; Ensures better resistance to tearing; Increases overall durability
Four different sizes; Perfect fit each time; Heel and toes stay seated where expected; Plus size XL
Made in Europe; High-grade fibres; Well-thought-out design; Rigorous quality control

80% Cotton, 13% Polyamide, 5% Silver, 2% Elastane
Size Chart
Men's Sock Size Conversion Chart
Int. EU UK US CM Inches
S 39-41 6-7.5 6.5-8 23.5-25.5 9.25-10
M 42-43 8-9 8.5-9.5 25.9-26.7 10.20-10.5
L 44-46 9.5-11.5 10-12 27.3-28.8 10.75-11.35
XL 47-50 12-15 12.5-15.5 29.4-31.8 11.6-12.5
Women's Sock Size Conversion Chart
Int. EU UK US CM Inches
S 35-38 3-5.5 4.5-7.5 21.5-23.8 8.45-9.4
M 39-42 6-8.5 8-10 24.2-26.5 9.5-10.4
Care Guide

To ensure that your socks retain their appearance and last longer, please follow these simple instructions:
‐ Machine wash at 40°C (104°F);
‐ Turn inside out;
‐ Do not tumble dry;
‐ Do not iron;
‐ Do not bleach;
‐ Treat your socks with love.