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Extra-Wide Loose-Fitting Black Cotton Socks (Men)

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Men's Extra Wide Socks


✓ Extra-wide, loose-fitting cuff
✓ Flat toe seam
✓ Deep heel-pocket
✓ Reinforced stress areas
✓ Breathable combed cotton
Ideal for men with naturally big calves, swollen ankles or lower legs, and especially for those whose feet are more sensitive to pressure

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These extra wide socks with loose-fitting tops are primarily recommended for men with naturally big calves, problematic feet, and for those who suffer from mild to extensive swelling in their lower legs and ankles. The soft, wide cuffs of these foot-care socks are pressure-free for the legs, won't leave marks, and allow easier blood circulation. This is especially useful for elderly people whose feet tend to be more sensitive.
Made of high-quality combed cotton, known for good air permeability and softness, these black wide-top socks will keep your feet comfortable and healthy, also ensuring that your skin breathes easily all day long.

Designed for various foot-care needs; Helpful for men with naturally big calves, swollen lower legs and ankles; Good for the sensitive feet
Extra-wide, loose cuff; Non-binding; Does not constrict blood circulation; Helps with mild to extensive swelling
Flat toe closure; Prevents skin irritation; Ensures maximum comfort in the toe area
Combed cotton; Very soft, breathable, moisture-absorbent
Deep heel-pocket; Creates enough space for the heel; Provides enhanced fit as well as overall comfort
Reinforced stress areas; Offers better resistance to tearing; Increases overall durability
Three size ranges; Comfortable fit each time; Heel and toes stay seated where expected
Made in Europe; High-end fibres; Well-thought-out design; Rigorous quality control


80% Combed Cotton, 19% Polyamide, 1% Elastane

Size Chart
Men's Sock Size Conversion Chart
Int. EU UK US CM Inches
S 39-41 6-7.5 6.5-8 23.5-25.5 9.25-10
M 42-43 8-9 8.5-9.5 25.9-26.7 10.20-10.5
L 44-46 9.5-11.5 10-12 27.3-28.8 10.75-11.35
XL 47-50 12-15 12.5-15.5 29.4-31.8 11.6-12.5
Women's Sock Size Conversion Chart
Int. EU UK US CM Inches
S 35-38 3-5.5 4.5-7.5 21.5-23.8 8.45-9.4
M 39-42 6-8.5 8-10 24.2-26.5 9.5-10.4
Care Guide

To ensure that your socks retain their appearance and last longer, please follow these simple instructions:
‐ Machine wash at 40°C (104°F);
‐ Turn inside out;
‐ Do not tumble dry;
‐ Do not iron;
‐ Do not bleach;
‐ Treat your socks with love.