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Privacy Notice and Use of Cookies


Cookie is a small text file downloaded to your device once you visit a website that uses cookies. Due to the fact that web servers have no memory, they save certain types of information in your browser so the next time you revisit the website, it remembers your previous activity on the website by recognising your computer, mobile, or any other device you have been using. Cookies DO NOT contain your name, contacts, or payment details.

Types of cookies

Depending on the time cookies are stored on your device, there are two types of cookies that uses:

Session Cookies. These cookies remain on your device until you stop using They are normally removed from your device as soon as you close a web browser. Session cookies help the website properly function. For example, they remember your items in the shopping cart so you can finish your purchase.

Persistent Cookies. These cookies are stored on your device until they expire, or you manually delete them. Their function is to remember your activity and settings on the website, enhancing your shopping experience on your future visits.

Depending on who stores cookies on your web browser, there are First-Party Cookies that are set by, and Third-Party Cookies that are set by other domains that we partner with (i.e.

Depending on the purpose, cookies that uses group into:

Strictly Necessary Cookies. These cookies are essential for the proper website’s functionality. They intend to guarantee a shopping experience you expect to be delivered. Without this type of cookies certain services on the website will not be provided.

Performance Cookies. These cookies track your browsing activity on the website (e.g. pages you visit most often). Performance cookies do not collect information about your identity, but only your behaviour on the website.

Functionality Cookies. These cookies intend to remember your preferences and choices you make (e.g. language, region, username) in order to customise your experience. They may be used to provide you with more personalised features on the website.

Targeted Advertising Cookies. These cookies help personalise advertising messages targeted to you. They can analyse your interaction with advertising and measure the advertising campaigns effectiveness. Targeted advertising cookies serve to add more relevance to the advertisements you see.

DomainPurpose Functionality, statistics Website analytics, marketing analytics Marketing, retargeting

Your consent

The cookies we use on are not intended to invade our visitors’ privacy but to improve their shopping experience. By using our website, you allow us to place cookies in your web browser.

Managing cookies

If you wish to disallow cookies, you have to delete/disable them manually in your web browser settings. How you can delete/disable cookies depends on the web browser you're using. If you need help, please the instructions following the links below:

Managing Cookies in Chrome

Managing Cookies in Internet Explorer

Managing Cookies in Firefox

Managing Cookies in Android

Managing Cookies in iOS

Please note that disallowing cookies may greatly limit your website usage.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy gives you an overview of our policies about the collection and use of personal data (“your data”) when you visit our Website, including any data obtained from you through the Website, by e-mail, on the phone, via social networks, or through other channels.

To access the full Privacy Policy notice, please download the PDF here.