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Hiking Walking Merino Wool Cushioned Sole Socks Green (Men)

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✓ Optimal material composition: merino wool / polypropylene
✓ Warm, breathable and moisture-wicking
✓ Fully cushioned sole (anti-blister)
✓ Support straps around the foot arch and Achilles tendon
✓ Ventilation area
✓ Flat toe seam
✓ Soft cuff
✓ Deep heel-pocket
✓ Reinforced stress zones

These men's merino wool walking socks are perfect for long-distance walks, hiking, trekking and other activities in the open air (backpacking, camping, etc.). They are worn comfortably in different weather conditions, particularly in the colder days, dry or humid.

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Attentively thought through down to the smallest detail, these merino wool walking socks were created for long walks, hiking, trekking and other outdoor activities in different weather conditions. These include colder weather, dry or humid. The socks are made of an optimally-balanced blend of merino wool and polypropylene. Combined together, these two materials create a fabric that promotes effective moisture management, good breathability and sufficient insulation. Such properties allow natural warmth in the feet as well as keeping your skin fresh and dry for many hours of your adventures. For the best fit and durability of the sock, we also added a small amount of quality elastane and polyamide.
Thinking about extra foot protection, padding is applied under the sole and around the heel and toe parts to ensure your walking socks better absorb shocks when walking on rough surfaces. It also helps prevent blisters and provides even more comfort and warmth overall. There are two support straps, one around the foot arch and one around the ankle. Together with the carefully designed heel-pocket, they help secure the sock firmly in place, without letting it bunch up in your shoe and causing discomfort when you are on the move.
PLEASE CONSIDER! These merino wool walking socks are of medium thickness. They will be best worn with boots that have a little extra room in them to allow for the natural thickness of the socks.
These walking socks are available in green and other colours.

Designed for men with an active lifestyle; Great for hiking, trekking, long-distance walks and other outdoor activities
Optimal material composition; Ensures much-needed skin protection; Promotes healthy environment and comfort for your feet
Merino wool; Warm, breathable, moisture-wicking, soft, non-itchy
Polypropylene; Ultra-light, insulating, moisture-wicking; Rapidly dries out; Resistant to bacteria
Medium thickness; Midweight; Suitable for lower temperatures; Socks require proper shoes that are not too tight
Fully cushioned sole (anti-blister); Provides good impact absorption; Prevents blisters; Enhances comfort
Arch and Achilles support (elastic straps around the foot arch and Achilles tendon); Improves fit; Helps to secure the sock to the foot
Ventilation area; Increases airflow, optimising skin breathability; Provides a feeling of freshness
Soft cuff; Comfortable grip with just the right amount of pressure; Socks stay up
Flat toe seam; Prevents skin irritation; Ensures maximum comfort in the toe area
Deep heel-pocket; Creates enough room for the heel; Provides better fit and comfort
Reinforced stress zones; Offers better tear resistance; Increases overall durability
Two different sizes; Proper fit each time; Heel and toes stay seated where expected
Made in Europe; Top-grade fibres; Carefully thought-out design; Attentive quality control


37% Merino Wool, 37% Polypropylene, 20% Polyamide, 6% Elastane

Size Chart
Men's Sock Size Conversion Chart
Int. EU UK US CM Inches
S 39-41 6-7.5 6.5-8 23.5-25.5 9.25-10
M 42-43 8-9 8.5-9.5 25.9-26.7 10.20-10.5
L 44-46 9.5-11.5 10-12 27.3-28.8 10.75-11.35
XL 47-50 12-15 12.5-15.5 29.4-31.8 11.6-12.5
Women's Sock Size Conversion Chart
Int. EU UK US CM Inches
S 35-38 3-5.5 4.5-7.5 21.5-23.8 8.45-9.4
M 39-42 6-8.5 8-10 24.2-26.5 9.5-10.4
Care Guide

To ensure that your socks retain their appearance and last longer, please follow these simple instructions:
‐ Machine wash at 40°C (104°F);
‐ Turn inside out;
‐ Do not tumble dry;
‐ Do not iron;
‐ Do not bleach;
‐ Treat your socks with love.