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Mercerised Cotton Argyle Design Dress Socks (Men)

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Made of mercerised cotton of premium quality, these argyle socks must be a non-negotiable addition to a man's wardrobe. They are thin, elegant and feel smooth next to the skin. Thanks to the special heel design and sufficiently wide tops, these mid-calf socks provide a comfortable fit and stay in position. Their hand-linked toe seams are flat to protect the sensitive skin from getting irritated. Mercerised cotton, also called Pearle cotton, will guarantee socks best performance and ensure that your feet remain fresh all day.

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Mercerised cotton; Silky-smooth with gentle luster, breathable, moisture absorbent, durable
Soft cuff; Comfortable grip with just the right amount of pressure; Socks stay up easily
Flat toe closure; Prevents skin irritation; Ensures maximum comfort in the toe area
Deep heel-pocket; Comfortably encloses the heel; Provides enhanced fit as well as overall comfort
Reinforced stress areas; Guarantees better resistance to tearing; Increases overall durability
Three size ranges; Perfect fit each time; Heel and toes stay seated where expected
Made in Europe; High-end fibres; Well-thought-out design; Rigorous quality control